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Checklist for those, who want to make the most of it.
Word-of-mouth is a force of nature and it works great. A lot of Fyeth Finance have already shared with friends their impressions and experiences of using the platform. We’ve created a referral program to intensify that process and to create a win-win-win situation for all of us. The person you’ve brought finds the financial service he/she was looking for, you earn reward and Fyeth Finance gets a new loyal user. Isn’t that nice?
The idea of earning income just by sharing a referral link sounds pretty sweet and it really is. There’re only three easy steps to get a Fyeth Finance referral link. But the truth is many people struggle with how to use their links. That’s why we’ve collected eleven ways how to use your referral link and earn rewards. Some of them work better, others aren’t so good, anyway, you have a chance to test and choose what is best for you.
Before we get started, two main principles of referral programs deserve special mention.
1. A referral program is all about user experience. If you build trust with your audience, you can refer them to products or services that you use yourself and would recommend. We would never advise just blind posting affiliate links and hoping for sales. When you meet your audience’s needs with your recommendations (usually within relevant context), people will be far more likely to take action.
2. Referral income streams take time and effort to grow. It’s doubtful that you’ll get referrals through a couple of Twitter posts (maybe if you’re lucky). Usually, it needs to get more momentum. But finally, you’ll reap the rewards and get 25% of the Fyeth Finance platform fees “your” customers pay. Forever!
Learning how to make money with an online referral program isn’t rocket science. Here’s the checklist of methods to use from the Fyeth Finance team to make money with your referral link.
✔️Don’t Keep Us a Secret
If you know people who’re looking for a loan or investment — you’re halfway there. Invite them to join Fyeth Finance, all you need to do is to share your personalized link.
✔️Start with Social Media
If you have personal accounts on Twitter, Facebook, etc. write a post about Fyeth Finance for your followers. You don’t have to be an opinion leader to make it work. Don’t forget to tag us and use #Fyeth Finance hashtag, we love reposting valuable publications from our community members. It’s a perfect chance to increase your target audience!
✔️Share User Experience
The more often you use the platform, the more info you get. When you find something new about Fyeth Finance, tell others and become a trustworthy expert. Our users will appreciate review and feedback of your experience.
✔️Post Your Link in Online Groups
You may want to share your content in Facebook and Telegram groups, forums and Reddit subs with similar interests. But make sure you’re not violating their rules! Personalize your message, make it as native as possible.
✔️Be Helpful and Earn the Trust
Nobody likes spammers, but everybody likes good samaritans. The only difference is, you don’t need to boost your content where it’s not expected but look for those, who need your help. Good thing, that it’s no trouble. There’re dozens of question-asking websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers and StackExchange. Find people who’re asking about P2P lending, investing, crypto-backed borrowing, etc. You know how to handle this, don’t you?
✔️Tell a Personal Story
People love stories! Because in hearing other people’s stories (and telling our own), we often find understanding and acceptance. Tell others how Fyeth Finance helped you and somebody in a similar situation will find the right solution for itself.
✔️Try to Use Banners
Visuals elements are crucial because people are visual. If you have a site or blog, create a banner and display it on your header, sidebar, footer, or in posts. Your link will keep working permanently. Or you can run banner ads if you know how to do it.
✔️Write Valuable Content
The more users you’re planning to refer, the more materials and resources you’ll have to share with your audience. Take Fyeth Finance blog as inspiration to find some news, stats and best practices. Create an account on blogging platforms such as Medium or Steemit to publish your articles. If you already have a blog, an affiliate program can be a great way to start monetizing it.
✔️Shoot Valuable Content
Showing the visual aspects of a product can really sell it to your audience. Sounds complicated, but the best part is anyone can make a video or a screencast. Create a short overview, show how the platform works or describe your use case. Upload it on Youtube, share it in social media and your job is done.
✔️Comment Where Appropriate
Apart from creating content, you can also comment on relevant and popular publications. It’s quite possible that readers or viewers will be interested in additional information on the topic.

✔️Use Paid Traffic Channels
The paid methods can be from Facebook ads, Google ads or Bing just to name a few. It can be tricky for a newbie, but if you know how traffic arbitrage works, a referral program can be a stable source of income for you. When people buy through you, you earn a commission.
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