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Recently, we have been asked some of very popular questions for a multiple times. We would love to make this article, it will be well-explained a number of questions that most people ask.
How to buy the yETH?
Yes, please wait for the public sale rounds.
What is the total supply of the Fyeth finance ?
It has only 9.000.000 yETH
What is the initial circulating supply?
It has only 3.600.000 yETH.
How long is the vesting for the rest allocation?
It takes up to 6 years, the core team is only allocated for 900.000 yETH
When will the presale and public sale go live?
The presale round has ended. We are preparing for the public sale.
What are the allocations for the presale and public sale rounds?
For the presale: 540.000 yETH, for the public sale: 360.000 yETH
How does Fyeeth Finance the public sale rounds?
Round 1: 50,000 — price $3.00
Round 2: 100,000 — price $3.46
Round 3: 200.00 — price $3.96
The minimum is 100$, maximum is 5,000$.
What exchanges our yETH will be listed?
We will not disclose the names all here, but we will be listed in at least 3 Dex, and 3 centralized exchanges in Quarter 2, 2021
When can we sell our eYTH?
All YETH tokens are distributed during the pre-sale will be locked in a trading contract for a period of more than 12 months and during the public sale is 6 months.

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