Fyeth finance users can earn some high APY by participating in the platform’s staking program.

We have aimed since our inception to make it easy for both new and experienced users to benefit from DeFi. We want to develop an infrastructure that is easy to understand and smooth to navigate. One where even new users can reap the benefits that the world of DeFi has to offer.

In a bid to lay strong foundations for upcoming investment products being developed, as well as to ensure staking becomes an essential part of its ecosystem, Fyeth finance has launched a staking program.

Its staking program will begin on May 29 at 2:00 am UTC. Users will be…

Cryptocurrency investors can look for a loan without having to sell their cryptocurrencies currency using crypto currencies as collateral these days a great way to do things like buy a house ,finance a business,or pay off high-cost debt. In addition ,there may be tax benefits when borrowing finance.

Crypto currencies unlike selling your crypto currency, a crypto or bitcoin backed loan doesn’t trigger an income tax event, leaving you a headache-free implementation of your crypto taxes.

Fyeth Finance (yETH). offers crypto loans and bitcoin will be launched in November 2020. …

Lately, we are seeing insane GAS prices on the Ethereum Network, especially as DeFi becomes more and more popular. This makes contract interactions sometimes cost a few hundred dollars!

For this reason, we come up with a solution to convert yETH tokens from ethereum blockchain (Erc20) to Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). The smart contract initiation on the Binance chain (BSC) is complete.

yETH smart contract address on the BSC network: 0x77dfb1dafc92c5df29996f5528ba1829941cd3bb.

yETH smart contract address on the Ethereum network: 0xD387f0E62E3f123A54Ae486056A5D859AFFeD0c8

The transition to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will help Fyeth.finance community members enjoy the benefits.

YETH ERC-20 token will…

The Social Network for Ideation will Help Connect Idea-Creators with Idea-Seekers

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Yethminds Social Network — with token (yETM). Yethminds is a social network that makes a difference when it concentrate to content, creating a platform that helps to create content and any other individual users unleash their creativity.

Yethminds users can earn rewards from their own posts as well as those of other users when they interact with the article, share it, make comments, or watch a video. Yethminds will split 75% of advertising revenue for users in 3 years from launch date

With the rapid growth of the Internet, consumers find…

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms are gradually taking over the blockchain space. Now, more and more people are leveraging this unique opportunity to access financial products and services in a decentralized, trustless ecosystem.

Contrary to what most people would think, decentralized finance isn’t a single product neither is it particularly a silver bullet — a fix-it-all to longstanding issues plaguing the traditional finance industry. Rather, DeFi represents a collective movement of various products leveraging two key technologies: blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The end goal of decentralized finance (aka open finance, fittingly) is to “open up” the current closed financial system…

Checklist for those, who want to make the most of it.
Word-of-mouth is a force of nature and it works great. A lot of Fyeth Finance have already shared with friends their impressions and experiences of using the platform. We’ve created a referral program to intensify that process and to create a win-win-win situation for all of us. The person you’ve brought finds the financial service he/she was looking for, you earn reward and Fyeth Finance gets a new loyal user. Isn’t that nice?
The idea of earning income just by sharing a referral link sounds pretty sweet and it really is…

We’re excited to announce that the YETH token public sale is beginning to prepare
Public sale details
Code: yETH
Token type: Erc20
Time: October 8, 2020 5:59 am in Germany
Limited Individual minimum / maximum: $ 100 / $ 5,000
Accepted assets: Ethereum, Bitcoin, USD.
Public sale distribution: 360,000 yETH
Round 1: 50,000 — Price 3.00 USD
Round 2: 100,000 — $ 3.46
Round 3: 200.00 — price 3.96 USD
Step-by-step instructions:
1. Visit website http://fyeth.finance.
2. Register and verify your email address.
3. Complete your account KYC.
4. Deposit BTC. ETH. USDT swap.
All YETH tokens distributed in public sale will be locked for 6 months. Use only YETH tokens as the…

Recently, we have been asked some of very popular questions for a multiple times. We would love to make this article, it will be well-explained a number of questions that most people ask.
How to buy the yETH?
Yes, please wait for the public sale rounds.
What is the total supply of the Fyeth finance ?
It has only 9.000.000 yETH
What is the initial circulating supply?
It has only 3.600.000 yETH.
How long is the vesting for the rest allocation?
It takes up to 6 years, the core team is only allocated for 900.000 yETH
When will the presale and public sale go live?
The presale round has ended…

Chance to own yETH tokens Defi

We’re excited to announce that the first YETH token airdrop is progress
Detailed information about the program
Time: October 5, 2020 5:59 am
Amount of YETH tokens that each individual receives: 5 yETH per user registered at website, In addition, earn 1 yETH per referral.
Total amount of YETH tokens distributed: 10,800 yETH.
Step-by-step instructions:
1. Visit website http://fyeth.finance.
2. Register and verify your email address.
3. Complete your account KYC.
4. Complete minimum order 100 USD.
5. You will get 5 YETH tokens.
6. Also, earn 1 YETH for each referral who registers…

New yETH-PUT (Options) Strategy / Vault

Summary / Motivation

Create a new Strategy/Vault for yETH which will further increase existing yields by gradually adding liquidity to incumbent options markets. This is motivated by two main goals :

  • Develop an alternative strategy to earn ETH yield in addition to the current yETH vault strategy with the potential for even higher yields.
  • Provide liquidity to support and help grow the nascent Option Markets that are fundamental instruments to support further diversification in DeFi. It can become a virtuous circle for Yearn (earn good returns) and other Protocols (grow the market).


Create a yETH-Put Vault, with the main objective to have a…


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